Fix Spotify on Sony sound gear

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Fix Spotify on Sony sound gear

Sony makes high-quality receivers, sound bars, wireless speakers, etc. They’re packed with features, and they usually work straight out of the box. I’m in the possession of a Sony HT-NT5 soundbar, which turns my tv into a small home theatre. The sound is truly fantastic!

Most of Sony’s products provide several interfaces to Spotify, such as Spotify Connect, Chromecast or plain Bluetooth. I use Bluetooth in my car all the time, but while I’m at home, I usually stream music through the proprietary Spotify Connect protocol. It just works. However, since a few months I have started experiencing issues with Spotify Connect on my Sony soundbar. The music starts playing for about 30 seconds, after which the message “This device is not connected to network” is displayed, and the music stops. So I started using Chromecast, but I have experienced several connection drops as well. I thought this was due to a software update, but many people are experiencing network issues on Sony sound gear, it seams.

After toying around with the Spotify and soundbar settings, I found that the following three fixes alleviated the Spotify Connect and Chromecast issues (at least for now):

  • Use a wired internet (Ethernet) connection instead of a wireless one; this seemed to help a lot, but not all problems were gone.
  • Change the name of your device from something like ‘Sony HT-NT5’ to just ‘Sony’ or ‘Soundbar’; spaces, dashes and other weird characters can create hiccups in the protocol, as it seams.
  • Use the Google DNS servers! This was the final fix that got it all working. When setting up a network connection on your Sony gear, set the DNS servers manually to and, resp. for primary and secondary DNS servers.

I’ll keep this article up-to-date in case I find any other tricks that might help, but for now everything seems to work fine.

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