Me, myself and I

The name Cedric was ‘invented’ by the author Walter Scott in 1819 for a character in his novel Ivanhoe. I personally don’t know any famous Cedrics, except for the fictional, among girls highly attractive Cedric Diggory1. One whispers he’s a vampire too…

I am not famous (yet), but currently effort is put into leaving a mark on the scientific landscape. Or at least I try to do. I am an FWO PhD researcher at Ghent University, at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, department of Information Technology. My main research interests are information retrieval, data mining, (deep) machine learning and social media. On this website I will try to keep you all posted on my research activities and newly published work, but there is plenty of room for side-projects and utter useless thought experiments.

Besides being a researcher, I am trying to evolve from being an average pianist to being a modestly advanced one. If only one day I would be able to play Rachmaninov’s brilliant and Beethoven’s technically demanding piano concertos2, I can die without any regrets. In the meantime I am taking jazz piano lessons and now and then picking up some classical pieces I would like to play. In the weekends, I also play the oboe in the local concert band and youth band. On this website I will, now and then, recommend some interesting music-related items, even maybe some recordings of myself, or just post a musical opinion.

One other occupation of mine is photography. I just got started with photography lessons in the beginning of 2015, but I have taken photos for as long as I can remember. I won’t say I’m a great photographer, but I’m trying to become better and learning new techniques every day. I’m especially passionate about landscape, cityscape and architecture photography.

Finally, I am very concerned about education and communication. As a researcher at Ghent University I guide practical sessions in basic and advanced Python and Java programming, engineering projects and scientific communication skills for PhD students. In these sessions I’m trying my very best to keep the students motivated and interested, and to help them to develop a broad skill set. Maybe my passion for teaching is the reason I have set up this website…


  2. Maybe I should point you all to and let you enjoy one of the best (at least according to me) recordings of Rachmaninov’s third piano concerto by Byron Janis: